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How to use Polygon Avail

We are working on improving many of the current features

We appreciate you using our testnet and encourage your valuable feedback through one of our community channels.

Generate an Avail Account

You can generate an account using one of two methods:

Head over to Avail Explorer.


Avail Explorer is a fork of Polkadot-JS Apps. The interface and navigation are the same if you are familiar with Polkadot-JS Apps.

Navigate to the Accounts tab and click on the Accounts sub-tab.

Address Format

As Avail is implemented using Substrate, generic Substrate addresses always start with a 5 and follow the SS58 address format.

On the Accounts page, click on the Add account button and follow the steps in the pop-up window.

Key Management

The seed phrase is your account key, which controls your account. You should not store your seed phrase on a device that has or may have access to an internet connection. The seed phrase should be written down and stored on a non-digital medium.

Storing your account's JSON file does not have to be as rigourous as storing the seed phrase, as long as you use a strong password to encrypt the file. You can import the JSON file to access your account.

Receive AVL Testnet Tokens

On the Avail Explorer, click on the icon next to your account name to copy your address. Alternatively, you can copy the address manually.

Head over to the Polygon faucet.

On the faucet page, select DA Network and DA (Test Token) as the network and token. Paste your account address and click on Submit. The transfer will up to one minute to complete.

Upon successful transfer, your account should now have a non-zero balance. If you face any issues obtaining tokens from the faucet, please reach out to the support team.

Submit a New Transaction

On the Avail Explorer, navigate to the Developer tab and click on the Extrinsics sub-tab.

Select your newly created account.

There are many extrinsics to choose from; go ahead and select the dataAvailability extrinsic from the extrinsic dropdown menu.

What are extrinsics?

Extrinsics are a form of external information and can either be inherents, signed transactions, or unsigned Transactions. More details about extrinsics are available in the Substrate documentation.

You can then use the dropdown menu on the right-hand side to create an application key or submit data.

In this example, createApplicationKey is used to create an application key.

Enter the value you wish to submit as part of this transaction using the App_ID, or without a default key value as 0.


Before sending a transaction using App_ID, it must be created using the createApplicationKey field.

Submit the transaction. Head over to the Avail Explorer. The recent event list should list your transaction. You can click on the event and expand it to check out the transaction details.

How to get guarantees that the data behind the transaction is available?

We have abstracted out the nitty-gritty of verifying data availability and have hosted a light client for your use. All you need to do is click on the block number against your desired transaction and see all of the block details.

You will also see a confidence factor. If it shows 0%, give it some time and recheck it later. Otherwise, it should show a non-zero confidence level indicating the probability with which the underlying data is available.