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CDK Program

Led by Polygon Labs, the CDK Program unites industry-leading partners, collectively dedicated to providing streamlined blockchain development and deployment solutions for enterprises across diverse use cases.

Implementation Partners & Service Providers

The CDK program offers a range of service providers that can assist with various aspects of blockchain development, deployment, and maintenance. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Node Providers: These providers offer node infrastructure services that support the operation and maintenance of CDK-developed chains. Node providers can help ensure network stability, security, and scalability by providing reliable and optimized node infrastructure.
  • RPC Providers: These providers offer remote procedure call (RPC) services that allow developers to interact with CDK-developed chains. RPC providers can provide easy and reliable access to network data and functionality.
  • Smart Contract Monitoring: This service enables real-time monitoring of smart contracts deployed on CDK-developed chains. This can help detect and respond to potential issues, vulnerabilities, or attacks on the network.
  • Oracle Services: These services offer real-time data feeds and external information that can be used to support smart contract execution on CDK-developed chains. Oracles can help enable the development of more complex and advanced decentralized applications that rely on off-chain data and information.
  • Block Explorers: These tools provide an interface for users to explore and visualize the blockchain's contents, including blocks, transactions, and other network data. Block explorers can help improve network transparency and accessibility and can be used by developers, users, and other stakeholders to gain insights into network activity and performance.
  • KYC Providers: These providers offer Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance services, which can help ensure that CDK-developed chain comply with regulatory requirements and mitigate risk for network participants.
  • Fiat On-Ramps: These services bridge fiat currencies and digital assets, enabling users to purchase and use digital assets on CDK-developed chains. Fiat on-ramps can help increase accessibility and adoption of CDK-developed chains.


The program offers effortless initiation for blockchain networks through "one-click" deployments, enabling developers to establish a new app-chain with utmost ease and efficiency.

To start testing out by setting up a CDK-developed chain on your local machine, check out the Quickstart.