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Plaid Wallet Onboard

Plaid Wallet Onboard allows your dApp to connect to hundreds of self-custody wallets, including browser plugin wallets, WalletConnect-compatible mobile wallets, and custom protocols or UX required by hybrid and hardware wallets. It's easier than ever to integrate Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, and more into your dApp.

Wallet Onboard can be configured to automatically ensure that users have their wallets set up to use the Polygon network.

Installation and Prerequisites

Wallet Onboard can be used in any JavaScript-based web dApp, and there is a React library for ReactJS applications as well.

You can read about the entire setup and installation process in the Wallet Onboard docs.

Integrating with Polygon

Wallet Onboard returns an EIP-1193 provider that your dApp can use to request the user’s addresses as well as signatures and transactions.

Here's a simple example of the code used to integrate Wallet Onboard on Polygon Mainnet in a vanilla JavaScript dApp:

<script src=""></script>

const plaidWeb3 = await Plaid.web3();
const handler = plaidWeb3.createEthereumOnboarding({
// retrieve from Plaid Dashboard
token: 'token-abc',
chain: {
rpcUrl: '',
chainId: '0x89',
onSuccess: async (provider) => {
const accounts = await provider.request({ method: 'eth_accounts' });

If a user connects their wallet and it is not using Polygon, Wallet Onboard will attempt to add or switch to Polygon automatically, or will instruct the user to switch.

For a complete overview of the configuration options and capabilities of Wallet Onboard, please refer to the official Wallet Onboard documentation.