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January 21st 2022

January 21st 2022


This test was done after the TxPool refactor which significantly improved performance (released in v0.2.0).

The goal was to setup a large network consisting of 30 actively participating validators in order to properly stress test the consensus and TxPool transaction gossiping as all transactions were sent to a single node's JSON-RPC.

Our aim was not to strive to reach a maximum possible TPS, as the network size negatively impacts the performance, and since block gas limit & block time are set to sane values that don't consume much system resources, and would allow this to run on commodity hardware.


Transactions per second344
Transactions failed0
Transactions succeeded10000
Total run time30s


Host Configuration
Cloud providerAWS
Instance sizet2.xlarge
Networkingprivate subnet
Operating systemLinux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - Focal Fossa
File descriptor limit65535
Max user processes65535

Blockchain Configuration
Polygon Edge versionCommit 8377162281d1a2e4342ae27cd4e5367c4364aee2 on develop branch
Validator nodes30
Non-validator nodes0
ConsensusIBFT PoA
Block time2000ms
Block gas limit5242880

Loadbot Configuration
Total Transactions10000
Transactions sent per second400
Type of transactionsEOA to EOA transfers