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For Polygon Network, any participant can be qualified to become a Polygon's validator by running a full node to earn rewards and collect transaction fees. To ensure the good participation by validators, they lock up some of their MATIC tokens as a stake in the ecosystem.

Validators in Polygon Network are selected via an on-chain auction process which happens at regular intervals.

A validator has two addresses an owner address and a signer address. The staking is done with the owner address.

See also Key Management.



Currently there is limited space to accept new validators.

A new validator can only join the active set when a currently active validator unbonds.

To join the validator set, you must stake your MATIC tokens. See Validator Staking Operations.


Unstaking allows the validator to be out of active pool of validators.

To ensure good participation, the validator stake is locked for 80 checkpoints.


Validators can add more MATIC tokens to their stake:

  • To earn more rewards.
  • To maintain the position in the validator set.