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Beta 1.0

Beta 1.0 was released on May 17th, 2022. It included the basic mechanism to have Nightfall proof of concept deployed. It supported a single Proposer and first coarse implementation of transactions. It also provided a preliminary version of a user wallet.

Deployed version can be found here.

Beta 2.0

Deployed version can be found here.

Several improvements have been made:

  • Collecting Fees: Ability for proposers to collect fees for transactions they collect. This feature will incentivize multiple proposers.

  • Challenger Deployment: Network now includes a challenger monitoring the proposer's blocks.

  • Circuits Transactions: More flexibility and better performance when generating the ZKP of any transactions. Both transfer and withdrawal accept up to two commitments and return change.

    Regarding performance, transactions are optimized to make sure it takes shorter time to proof.

    OperationsConstraints beforeConstrains after

    Part of the optimization has been possible by switching to Poseidon.

  • Secrets encryption: We have moved from El-Gamal to a KEM-DEM encryption process which has resulted in several benefits:

    • Simplification of the encryption/decryption process
    • Reduction in the constraints and on-chain gas costs

Beta 2.1

Deployed version can be found here.


  • Update Nightfall to Node v16.17 and npm v8.15
  • Update to ZoKrates v0.8.2

Gas optimizations

  • Transactions' merkle tree includes a variable height depending on the number of transactions.
  • Use calldata to store input parameters of solidity calls whenever possible.

Circuit optimizations

  • 20% reduction (~12K) in the number of constraints in transfer and withdrawal transactions

Commitment optimizations

  • Combine 4 commitment slots in transaction structure so that the transactor can use all unused slots for transfer and withdrawal and fee payment without any pre-established combination. For example, a transactor could use 1 commitment slot for fee payment and 3 commitment slots for transfer value..

A comprehensive list of changes can be found here.