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Issuer Overview

An Issuer is any subject that issues claims. You can think of a claim as a statement: something an Issuer says about another subject. For example, when a university (Issuer) says that a student (subject) has a degree, this is a claim.

An issuer might be:

  • A DAO that issues “membership claims" to its members.
  • A Government that issues ID to its citizens.
  • A Face detection Machine Learning application that issues "proof of personhood" claims.
  • An employer that endorses its employees.
Claims are a flexible data format able to express any type of information so that developers can unleash their creativity.

To operate, an Issuer must set up a self-hosted server or interact with the Polygon ID Platform.

With Polygon ID Platform you can:

  • Register a Polygon ID Issuer Account
  • Create Schemas to define the structure of the claims you want to issue (or simply use existing schemas)
  • Issue Claims based on the schemas just created
  • Offer these claims to your users

Here's a demo of how it looks from the Issuer perspective:


Identity Server is coming out soon!!