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Common Node Errors

This guide aims to provide solutions for common errors you might encounter while interacting with Polygon PoS. If you come across an error that is not listed here, please consult Polygon Support or community forums for additional help.

Table of Node Errors

Failed to Unlock AccountBorUnable to find or unlock the specified Ethereum account.Incorrect paths for password.txt and Keystore files.
  1. Move keystore to /etc/bor/dataDir/keystore or /var/lib/bor/keystore/ (binaries.)
  2. Move password.txt to /etc/bor/dataDir/ or /var/lib/bor/ (binaries.)
  3. Update /etc/bor/metadata.
Wrong Block.Header.AppHashHeimdallStuck on a specific block and cannot proceed.Block synchronization issue.
  1. Stop Heimdall (sudo service heimdalld stop).
  2. Reset (heimdalld unsafe-reset-all).
  3. Resync (Download & extract snapshot).
Unknown db_backend leveldbGeneralThe specified database backend in the configuration is unrecognized.Invalid db_backend configuration.Modify the db_backend setting to goleveldb in config.toml.
Object "start" is unknownValidatorThe bridge program being executed is incorrect.Wrong "bridge" program in use.Execute the correct bridge program using ~/go/bin/bridge or $GOBIN/bridge.
dpkg: error processing archiveSys AdminA package conflict occurs during installation.Pre-existing Matic installation.Execute sudo dpkg -r matic-node to remove the conflicting package.
Gas ExceededValidatorThe gas limit for a transaction has been exceeded.Incorrect stake or fee amount formatting.Ensure that stake and fee amounts are formatted with 18 decimals.
Unable to unmarshall configGeneralThe configuration file contains errors.Typos, missing elements, or outdated config files.Remove any old or incorrect config files and set up the configuration again.
Wrong Block.Header.AppHash (Infura)HeimdallInfura request limits have been reached.Infura request quota exceeded.Generate a new Infura API key and update it in the config.toml file.
Failed Sanity Checks in HeimdallHeimdallAddress book warnings are displayed in the logs.Address book warnings.Usually can be ignored if connected to sufficient peers.
Node Not Signing CheckpointsHeimdallNot signing any checkpoints.Missing ETH_RPC_URL in heimdall-config.toml.Add the correct ETH_RPC_URL and restart Heimdall.
Heimdall Pong TimeoutHeimdallConnection timeouts are occurring.Network connectivity issues.Restart the Heimdall service.
Error: Wrong Block.Header.AppHash in HeimdallHeimdallStuck on a specific block.Incorrect block header hash.Reset Heimdall and sync from the snapshot again.
WAL File Corruption in HeimdallHeimdallThe Write-Ahead Log (WAL) file is corrupted.Corrupted WAL file.Repair the WAL file as per the provided commands.
Bor Unable to Find PeersBorNot connecting to any peers.Network connectivity issues.Check TrustedNodes and StaticNodes in config.toml and restart Bor.