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Active development

The Supernets documentation is a work in progress. Currently, this Hub only extends the original Polygon Edge documentation to provide material for the functionality in the v0.7.0-alpha release.

The code is undergoing an audit and should not yet be used in production environments. Please get in touch with the Polygon team if you would like to use it in production or have any questions.


Polygon Supernets are a customizable, modular, and extensible blockchain stack that can be used to build highly robust and forward-compatible application-specific blockchains.

Supernets remove the complexity of blockchain development by providing premium support to help you build your blockchain without the hassle of maintaining blockchain infrastructure.

It is built on top of Polygon Edge, a modular and extensible framework for building Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, child chains, and general scaling solutions.

To learn more about Polygon, visit the official website.

Using Supernets for Next-Generation Blockchains

The Matic network, later rebranded as Polygon, rose to success by prioritizing users and developers. With the introduction of Supernets, building blockchains has become a seamless process for developers. Supernets offer a simplified version of Polygon Edge and eliminate the hassle of blockchain infrastructure and the bootstrapping process, allowing developers to concentrate on their use case.

Supernets offer a plug-and-play approach to building blockchains from scratch and the response from developers has been overwhelming.

The Supernet pillars

  1. Operational excellence: focuses on creating continuous improvement standards and operational excellence. This includes establishing and maintaining a foundation for operational excellence.

  2. Security: focuses on protecting data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

  3. Reliability: focuses on creating a highly available and resilient blockchain architecture that can withstand failures and disruptions.

  4. Performance efficiency: focuses on optimizing resource use to improve applications' performance and reduce costs.

  5. Cost optimization: focuses on reducing the cost of running blockchain in the cloud or on-premise without sacrificing performance or functionality.

Why Supernets?

Supernets offer a unique solution for the appchain ecosystem, delivering built-in EVM compatibility and advanced capabilities to developers and system architects.

When deciding to use Supernets, there are two main themes to consider: block space and compliance.

  • To meet specific regulatory requirements not attainable on a permissionless chain, Supernets provide whitelisted addresses and customizable access controls.
  • For high transaction finality, performance (TPS), and block space needs, Supernets allow for custom configurations and hosting of your validators.

    However, all Supernets still have access to Polygon's proven PoS validators.

  • For launching a utility token and absorbing costs for users, Supernets grant complete control over the native (gas) token and the ability to mint more using the Supernet precompile contract.
  • To deliver web 2.0 experiences or integrate with internal information systems, Supernets allow for customization of the EVM to meet specific requirements.
  • For implementing application-specific access controls on all on-chain transactions, Supernets provide strict access controls to secure data.