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Network Endpoints

This index guide contains network details for the Polygon Mumbai testnet and Polygon PoS Mainnet and lists their associated RPC and node endpoints.

Polygon PoS Mainnet

The native token of the Polygon PoS is MATIC and is used for gas.

PropertiesNetwork Details
Gas TokenMATIC
Gas StationPolygonScan Gas Tracker (recommended) or Matic Network Gas Station (learn more here)
RPC Endpoint
Node Endpointwss://
Heimdall API
Block Explorer
More details

See the following JSON data containing network details.

RPC API Methods

Developers can interact with on-chain data and send different types of transactions to the network by utilizing network endpoints. The APIs follow a JSON-RPC standard; JSON-RPC is a stateless, lightweight, remote procedure call (RPC) protocol that is commonly used when interacting with a blockchain network.

Get started with RPC calls

Start by visiting the complete set of API documentation for standard Polygon JSON-RPC calls.

If you want to get started with API requests that require no setup, fix failing requests, or, explore new methods on the Polygon network, try out the Composer App.

A user can also run their own node when interacting with the Polygon PoS chain or utilize one of the public endpoints provided by infrastructure and API service providers to connect to the network. Dagger is the best way to get realtime updates from the chain as it provides a way for your dApps and backend system to get blockchain events in realtime over a socket or websocket.

Infrastructure Providers

Public RPCs may have traffic or rate-limits depending on usage. You can sign up for a dedicated free RPC URL at the following:

View all public endpoints on Alchemy's Chain Connect and Chainlist.