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Why Supernets?

This document provides an overview on the significance and benefits of Polygon Supernets.

Regulatory Compliance and Network Sovereignty

Supernets offer network sovereignty and regulatory compliance by allowing maintainers to select validators that meet local regulations. This approach enables global networks to tailor their configurations while maintaining compliance with regional regulatory requirements.

A New Approach to Infrastructure

Supernets offer a cutting-edge approach to system infrastructure, backed by an ecosystem of premium service providers for each network. This empowers organizations with control over network properties and access while applying permissioned and permissionless infrastructure models as needed. The integration of blockchain technology and industry-leading partners provides additional guarantees in security and efficiency, transforming traditional infrastructure designs and models.

Tokenization and Asset Management

Supernets facilitate the creation and management of utility tokens, incentivizing network participation and promoting efficient transactions. The ability to mint additional tokens provides flexibility to adjust token supply and distribution dynamically, ensuring network incentives remain aligned with user needs.

EVM Compatibility and Customization

Supernets focus on flexibility, adaptability, and EVM compatibility, streamlining the development process for developers. This design enables tailored blockchain solutions optimized for specific use cases while allowing the use of existing code and familiar programming languages. Developers can customize their networks with features such as default transaction fees and their own gas tokens, fine-tuning network performance and user experience.

Robust Consensus

Supernets utilize the PolyBFT consensus mechanism for exceptional throughput, minimal latency, and immediate network finality. This positions them as a highly suitable platform for a variety of use cases within the Polygon PoS network.

Cross-Chain Interoperability for Enhanced Efficiency

Supernets support cross-chain interoperability through their native bridge, enabling seamless asset transfers between different blockchains. This interconnected ecosystem allows developers to build on existing blockchain infrastructures and provides users with access to a broad range of applications and services. Cross-chain interoperability also facilitates increased collaboration and innovation between various blockchain networks.

On-chain Governance

Supernets enable on-chain governance, enabling participants to vote on changes to system parameters and promote transparency, accountability, and fairness. On-chain governance also allows for the creation of proto-jurisdictions to meet the needs of the community, defining rules and protocols for network operation, and promoting stability, security, innovation, and growth.