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The ethers.js library aims to be a complete and compact library for interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain and its ecosystem.

Setup ether.js

ether.js support is available via separate package as a plugin for matic.js.


npm install @maticnetwork/maticjs-ethers


import { use } from '@maticnetwork/maticjs'
import { Web3ClientPlugin } from '@maticnetwork/maticjs-ethers'

// install ethers plugin

Let's see one example of creating POSClient using ethers -

import { POSClient,use } from "@maticnetwork/maticjs"
import { Web3ClientPlugin } from '@maticnetwork/maticjs-ethers'
import { providers, Wallet } from "ethers";

// install web3 plugin

const parentProvider = new providers.JsonRpcProvider(rpc.parent);
const childProvider = new providers.JsonRpcProvider(rpc.child);

const posClient = new POSClient();
await posClient.init({
network: 'testnet',
version: 'mumbai',
parent: {
provider: new Wallet(privateKey, parentProvider),
defaultConfig: {
from : fromAddress
child: {
provider: new Wallet(privateKey, childProvider),
defaultConfig: {
from : fromAddress


The examples for different cases are available on ethers plugin repo.